An Overview for my Website
Welcome to my site. Here you will be able to read (hear and watch in the Download area) quite an assortment of essays on literary or general themes, my own poems, stories and sketches and watch or listen to recordings of radio broadcasts and video clips). My main concerns in the literary field have been infuenced by studies in such fields as the poetry of Goethe and the Romantics; the use of the word 'wanderer' in literature since Shakespeare; the poetry of Robert Browning and Dylan Thomas; linguistic theories affecting the analysis of poetry as well as general political and historical issues ranging from the atom bomb to the 'credit crunch'.
I have placed some video clips on youtube. To access the most recent, place - julianselfkant - in Youtube and/or Google search box.
I have also done field work researching the Pied Piper legend and with the help of my colleague John Holland recorded an intervew with a leading expert in this field, the director of the Burg Museum in Coppenbrügge. Please click:
He throws much light on the enigmatic references to Koppen and Calvarie associated with the Pied Piper legend.
Ein Wort für Deutschsprachige. In der DOWNLOADS-Abteilung (Siehe MENU links) auf Seite 1 kann man eine Video-Datei herunterladen, in der der Direktor des Burg-Museums in Coppenbrügge bei Hameln einiges zum Thema Rattenfänger erzählt, darunter eine Auslegung des ersten erhaltenen Bildes des Rattenfängers. Siehe auch auf YouTube:
For St Valentine's Day a scene showing how a tutorial on 'Wandering' harbours the possibility to make amorous overtures: