Video clips I recently placed on Youtube Sock it to 'em, Mr. Preacher.  Exitus or Exodus? The role of Count Nicholas von Spiegelberg in the Disappearance of Hamelin's Children according to two experts in studies of the Pied Piper Story. Hans Dobertin and Gernot Hüsam  Interpretation of Augustin von Mörsperg's Picture of the Pied Piper by Gernot Hüsam Der Ratenfänfger von Coppenbrügge (Interview mit Museumsdirektor Gernot Hüsam)   Who is like the Pied Piper`in his Coat of Red and Gold??  The Road to Calvary in Browning's `The Pied Piper of Hamelin


Further clips below

Reflection on history  Normandy Coincidences
Stand-up comedy   Divine Madness  Ode to Lacking Inspiration  My shrink  Catching Oooglie-Booglies
Poem  The Last Dinosaur
Short poems  Two Spooky Poems Ginger Majesty  Cuppa Char Ann and Mary  Father
Short story  Is Death the End? (1) Is Death the End  (2)  
Poem  O Wise Man, Give an Answer
Rhyming story
Rhyming story  ..But very much the wiser.
Radio play
Space dialogue (BFBS radio 1980 Voice Walter Evans Julian Scutts
Two poems introduced by commentator Let's banish Snobbery from Literary Criticism
Video pun