the innersound-noetics Introducing works by my friend and associate John E. Holland Creative Management and Time-Sharing . To visit Mr. Holland's site presenting some of his graphics and music

To view videoclips on my YOUTUBE accounts place - julianselfkant - or - Julian Scutts - in the YOUTUBE search box. They fall into the following categories. A) Dramatic monologues and dialogues, poetry : 'At Sea', 'Your move, peasant', 'Who's thinking?' and 'Lost and found' Excerpt from poetry readings at the Cactus Cafe, UT at Austin. B) Interpretation of Browning's 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin': 'The way to Calvary in Browning's Pied Piper'.C) Herr Gernot Hüsam discusses his interpretation of Augustin's von Mörsperg's picture of the Pied Piper of Hamelin (in German). D) Jokes 'Catching Oogly-Booglies' and 'My shink'. D) Andre's first communion (no sound)

For St Valentine's Day a scene showing how a tutorial on 'Wandering' harbours the power to make amorous overtures:

These links are intended to complement the files already in place on my site. One or two comments on them.

The address on the first line allows access to an interview with Herr Gernot Hüsam, Director of the Coppenbrügge Museum near Hameln. His expert knowledge cast a new light on the historical origins of the Pied Piper story. On this page you will find an English translation of the original German version.

The "classicsnetwork" site contains a considerable number of my essays and literary works. As it happens, the article "Intertextuality and the Sing Verb, II" requires editing before being added to my own site. It will probably be entitled: "All Wandering is the Worst of Sinning" (quoted from Lord Byron's Don Juan) - an Investigation into the Structural and Epic Implications of "Wandering"

Here you may view a video clip produced by CFF, an established German TV film company owned by the producer Christoph Felder. It way afford you a little diversion and entertainment.

The "" site contains a highly speculative exposition entitled "The Date Code" , which points to the the uncanny way dates in history seem to reveal their own strange coherence

The site "innersound-noetics" composed by Mr John Holland, a poet and musician resident in the area of Cologne Germany, opens up vistas of knowledge and appreciation that transcend the usual "watertight", and all too often hidebound, categories that conventionally divide academic disciplines. Not only does he grapple with ideas and theories at a high, at times almost etherial, level of abstraction but brings these ideals down to earth by demonstrating their relevance to the daily practices of business, management and to questions of health, whether emotional or physical. Highly recommended reading combined with an activation of one's visual and musical channels of apprehension.

The Zentao site advertises an e-book including texts by Julian Scutts and graphics by Brian Hughes.

The penultimate article so far. The subject is the centrality of the Gilgamesh epic.

An article on the gospels in a geopolitical perspective