Date of Birth:

July 14, 1941 in Bishop's Stortford, England

Present Status:

I have  retired from my post as teacher of English at a state college for Business and Administration in Erkelenz (BKE), near Cologne in Germany.  My hands are now free to devote myself more fully to my literary and cultural interests.  I have a son and daughter, Joseph and Eleanor, now resident in New York and Jerusalem respectively.  One of my present interests lies in the production of video clips. See I took part in a docu film on foreigners in Germany and their attitude to their country of origin or 'Heimat':  For a detailed account of my interests, development and writings:



School education at Bishop's Stortford College, Hertfordshire England.

University of London, 1960 - 1964 leading to B.A. Honours in German (Major) and French.

University of Cologne, intermittent studies leading to a Magister degree in History (Major), German and French in 1983.

University of Texas at Austin, 1983-1985, Course work and Comprehensive exams for a Ph. D. in Comparative Literature concerning the implications of words derived from the verbs "wandern" and "to wander" in the poetry of Goethe and his Romantic contemporaries both in Germany and England. The approach I found necessary for dealing with this field of study involved the application of a logocentric method pioneered by Jurij Tynjanov and other proponents of Russian Formalism. A study corresponding to the proposed dissertation in scope and subject matter is included among others presented on this website. Furthermore, the research originally applied to the subject of my proposed doctoral thesis has resulted in self-contained essay-style publications that have appeared on various Internet sites in recent years and which may be accessed on this website under: Literary Essays. I later applied this logocentric methodology to works by Shakespeare, Robert Browning, Dylan Thomas and other writers without specific reference to one particular word or verbal root.

Broadcasts and Live Events:

BFBS Radio Service for members of the British armed Forces and their families in Germany, 1980, 18. February - 9 June.

A recording of a poetry reading in which I took part can be viewed in the DOWNLOAD section of this website (see page 5).

Participation in a discussion about the Pied Piper on the BBC programme Night Waves on October 3 2006. (this can be downloaded by going to the LINKS section).

Interview and the reading of a poem on the English Servof Kol ice Israel in July 1980.

A series of thirteen 15-minute radio broadcasts sharing the title of "Along Parallel Lines" presenting the author's own poetry, short stories or dramatic pieces, many of which are presented on this site as written texts or sound recordings.

Performances at poetry readings and literary soirees held by The British Council head office in Cologne from May 1979 until January 1980, further events sponsored by the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft Cologne between 1981 and 1983. Participation at the literary evenings offered by Cactus Café of UT at Austin in 1984 and 1985. A recording from a reading in April 1985 can be downloaded on this website (DOWNLOADS,p. 5).


Poetry Publications in the weekend supplement of The Jerusalem Post in 1979 and 1981.

Article entitled "The Pied Piper (Der Rattenfänger von Hameln) as a Motif in European Poetry" in Wascana Review (Issued by the English Department of the University of Regina, Canada), Winter Edition 1985. A revised version of this article, dating from May 1999, can be read on Dr Jonas Kuhn's highly regarded website on the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

Various poems have appeared in anthologies and small publications. Mr Allan Scherlan published a limited edition of Double Vision (Austin Texas 1985). A revised edition should be available in the course of the year.

Since 1999 a considerable number of literary works and essays have appeared on sites specializing in literature on the Internet. This website poses an attempt to unify them within the aegis of a single showcase. Some separate articles are derived from work for a dissertation, appearing now as independent self-contained studies. A study in the form of an academic dissertation is also available on this site.




This site has been made possible through my close cooperation with Mr John Holland, whose technical assistance and expert advice have proved invaluable. This site was set up under the expert supervision of Mr Christoph Opperskalsi.

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